Access Point




At Access Point, Inc., we are excited about the diverse set of products we have to offer. In addition to our well-established local and long distance services, we offer Integrated T-1 products, Internet and Web Hosting services as well as our advancing VoIP services.

With new providers emerging in the telecom marketplace, Access Point, Inc. wants to be your primary source for reliable information and superior products. Access Point, Inc. is quickly becoming a premier service provider due to diverse product choices. Headquartered in Cary, North Carolina, the company was founded in 1996. Access Point is a privately-held CLEC offering integrated communications services to small and medium-sized businesses.

Since inception, we have positioned ourselves to be an alternative for businesses that want superior, personalized attention and responsive customer service along with competitive market pricing. Our product portfolio today reflects the results of this philosophy. We deliver these services to our customers with the support of our consolidated billing platform, providing one simple and easy to understand invoice.