Broadsmart® is a network service provider offering quality broadband telecommunication
services to the SMB and Enterprise class user for over a half decade. A voice and broadband
provider, the main focus for the company has and always will be on customer care provisioning,
and accurate billing. Using the existing, and adding to an experienced and credible executive
management team of over 100 years collectively, Broadsmart® has successfully unleashed the
next generation in telecommunication technology by continuing to make significant investments in
its facilities while at the same time maintaining customer satisfaction ratings consistently in the
top 1 percentile versus its competitors.

Broadsmart’s® bread and butter is the revolutionary Managed Hosted IP PBX product. Using
VOIP, a phone call can now be transmitted by converting a person’s voice into packets of
computer data, sending them over North American Telecom’s private internet network, and then
reassembles them back into the sound of a voice on the other end. This new facilities based
platform enables the company to expand its service offering in both geography and product line.
VOIP is new to the market place, and bringing the product to the end user in a way that can be
understood, and accepted is important to the company’s success: a key reason for the North
Broadsmart® Flash Demo that can be viewed at End users, indirect
channel partners, direct sales, and resellers can use the Broadsmart® Flash Demo to educate
themselves and their market. The approach is to refine product lines, sales channels, and market
position so that VOIP soon becomes a common business tool.

The VOIP technology has changed the way phone companies serve customers on the network
level. At the same time, the technology has changed the way customers use their telephone.
Features that have never been available like “Outlook Integration” with “Click to Call” – the phone
user can now go to their Microsoft Outlook contacts, click their computer mouse on the name
desired to call, and it will dial the name selected. A feature called “Unified Messaging” allows the
user to have their voice mails turn into emails in a wave file format. Another derivative of VOIP is
a Hosted IP PBX – the phone system can now be virtual allowing significant cost savings and
increased feature functionality over traditional business PBX phone systems. The business
customer no longer needs to buy the expensive phone system. Handsets plugged into an
Ethernet connection make it work. The world has been waiting for a next generation of
telecommunications; VOIP is quickly satisfying the appetite.