Electricity and Gas Auditing

Attention Condominium Associations, Manufacturers, Nursing Homes, and Assisted Living Facilities. There may be substantial billing errors and overcharges on your Electricity and Natural Gas utility statements. You may have overpaid for your services without ever knowing it. Allow our team of experts to do a no cost evaluation of your invoices to see if you are owed money back and refunds for overcharges.

Our auditing partners have recovered over $100,000 for just our clients alone and over ten million dollars total since 1989. They have 20 years of experience and know exactly where to look and how to file for the refund quickly. They maintain the single largest law library involving rates, taxation, and exemptions currently available. There are no fees to determine if they can recover money and it only requires copies of your utility invoices to see if you’re owed a refund.

If overcharges are uncovered you will receive a check from the utility company or a credit on your invoice. Your invoices moving forward will also be less money every month. This is a performance based service only. If we don’t obtain a refund of overcharges there is never a fee. The fee for this service is 50% of the refund that is recovered. While there will be future savings as a result of the audit, there is nothing charged for those savings

It’s an easy way to recover money for your company. You would never have known you overpaid without a professional auditing company uncovering the mistakes. It is not the job of someone at your company to uncover these errors. It takes a professional to fix the problem and identify the errors. Why not get that money back and put it to work for your company.

  • Electricity Auditing Service/FPL Invoice Auditing
  • Natural Gas Utility Auditing
  • Please call for a no cost no obligation audit.