Long Distance Domestic or International

Reliable, flexible, scalable long distance service. You get all that and more with the providers we represent. Our Long Distance Service offerings include measured or per minute long distance service or you can choose from one of our unlimited packages.

Toll Free

A convenient way to stay connected to your customers

Give current customers an easier way to contact your customer service team. Drive even more traffic to your business by providing no-risk access to your sales force. Expand your footprint without penalizing your customers. Strengthen brand recognition with a toll-free vanity phone number specific to your company’s identity.  Toll-free service offers you the flexibility you need to effectively manage the growth of your business.

Toll-free service offers a number of features that make it easy for you to route calls based on your company needs and the needs of your customers. Features include:

  • Info digit screening and routing
  • Point of origination blocking & routing (3/6/10 digit routing)
  • Time of day (day of week) routing
  • Day of year routing
  • Percent call allocation
  • Redefined alternate routing plans

We shop the best rates from all major carriers so you don’t have to. You’ll save time and frustration in never dealing with telecom sales people again. Quality Long Distance Services with the best rates to many destinations. We work with some of the biggest and most reliable carriers, like AT&T and Global Crossing to provide a wide range of services – Long Distance service for interstate and international calls as well as conference calling.

Racking up big savings on your monthly phone bill has never been easier!  Whether you call just domestically, internationally or both we will find the perfect plan for you. 

Unlimited Domestic long distance is often times overkill for small and medium sized businesses. Why pay $15 per line when you only use $25 total per month. You are actually overpaying with your “Bundle Plan.” Pay for what you need. Get a call detail of your calls every month. Ever wonder why AT&T doesn’t provide you call detail with their Unlimited long distance plan? If you noticed how few calls you were making you would most likely switch to another carrier.

800 Number service carriers a monthly fee with many carriers of up to $8 per month per 800 number in the case of AT&T. Many carriers charge MORE for inbound calls than outbound. We have providers that charge as little as $1 per month to carry the 800 number and switched rates as low as 2.5 cents per minute.  

Allow us to prepare an apples to apples comparison of your current phone service expenses. This is the easiest way for a business to reduce their costs.

Call Center Solutions
Inexpensive International Rates
Conference Calling Services: Audio and Web Based, on demand and hosted


Unlimited Long Distance Plans Available from $15 per line
Dedicated T1’s: Rates under 1 cent per minute

Switched Long Distance as low as 2.5 cents per minute

Low cost 800 # rates

Unlimited Long Distance on a T1. That’s right up to 15 Lines. Call as much as you want!

Super low cost International pricing available