Referral Program

Referral Program: Get paid for referring leads to TCEG. The TCEG lead referral program is designed for you to take advantage of existing relationships you have with other business owners. Simply pass a lead to one of our experienced sales reps and get paid commission. It’s that easy. We save businesses money on their phone service and often increase internet speed so it is advantageous for everyone. We will attend the appointment, fill out the paperwork, process the order, implement the transition, and handle the customer service. During the sales cycle we will update you on the progress of the sale and pay you when the opportunity closes.

Association Program: Associations wanted! If you are in an association and have  business owners as members this Association plan is for you. Generate monthly revenue while offering your members a way to reduce their telecom expenses. We will call or email your members and set up a cost saving analysis. We will recommend a solution that makes sense. Your association will benefit by receiving a monthly commission check on the total amount of the monthly billing of the association members on the service. We are not restricted by only offering one carrier. We can offer multiple carrier options which allows us to make more sales and generate more revenue for your association.